Gracies Store FrontSimulation Goal

The Gracies simulation was designed for a two-day event with approximately 30 people at a time. The simulation started with the teams cold calling the prospect. Once an appointment was secured, they undertook discovery appointments before making pitch, negotiating and closing the deal.


Founded in 1915, Gracies operate a Group of distinctive department stores across the UK, from Glasgow in the North to Brighton in the South.

Delegates Assets

Each team was given an account plan with tools that they needed to fill in. Information on the company, and the people they were selling to, was on the Gracies website, the company accounts, and available from discovery meetings with people from Gracies.


The skills that were developed were cold calling, discovery and building & delivering a pitch.


Each team had a coach who was practicing their own coaching skills at the same time as supporting the delegates and keeping them on track.