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Simulation Goal

The Talensus simulation was designed for a sales kick-off event with approximately 200 people. We divided the audience into five different rooms, each with four table teams of 10 people. The sessions were all linked by a scoreboard. The aim of the simulation was to close the sale with Talensus, but teams had to compete to be the team that would do the final pitch.

Murder Mystery Theme

The teams were lead to believe that they were cold calling for the day. But just after the session started, a police office came in, stopped the session and told them that there had been a murder. A salesperson selling into Talensus had met an early end. Their job was to complete the sale of the deal and, while doing so, solve the murder.

Crime Scene


Talensus is the name of the simulated prospect company. They are a specialist talent recruitment company in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sector. They operate a family of ten brands, each with expertise and focus on niche areas. The simulation started with a channel partner giving lead into the Talensus company. For more information on the company please visit Talensus.com

Delegates Assets

Each table was given an account plan, the same size as their tables, with tools that they needed to fill in. Information on the company, and the people they were selling to, was on cards which the teams could buy with money they had won from quizzes and activities throughout the day.

Talensus Tools

The more money the delegates won in the activities, the more information they could buy and so the more they knew about the prospect. This is an example of a card that the delegates could use to build a picture of the prospect company:

CFO Delegate Card


The sales skills developed included: creating a business case, stakeholder mapping, presenting the business case and then negotiating and closing the sale. In addition, the delegates developed the ability to work in their account teams because there were different tasks designed for the different account roles.


Each table team had a coach who was practicing their own coaching skills at the same time as supporting the delegates, scoring them and keeping them on track.

Solving the Case

It transpires that the CSO was guilty of the murder and he was arrested at the end of the event and lead away in handcuffs!

CSO Arrested